Hello, benvenuti, welcome! If you have arrived here you most likely are looking for a photographer. Someone to commemorate an important occasion — a wedding, a family photograph or a senior portrait. With so many important details to work out, it might be overwhelming to find and decide on what kind of photographer you would like to work with. This may be the first time you or your family has worked with a professional photographer and you might feel camera shy. Or maybe you have extended-family coming together for the first time who you are worried about. Maybe you are not sure how your venue will photograph. 

That’s where I come in. I hope to make the choice easier for you. I hope to make everything easier for you. I specialize in making big events look intimate and personal and small weddings look larger than life. You will find me all over the venue, location, reception hall, shooting at various angles to tell the best story of your day. I will put you at ease and focus on the moments between loved ones which memorialize that point in time when it was just you two, enjoying the day, sharing a laugh, acknowledging the beginning of your new path together. My style could be described as photojournalistic portraiture. I love a good portrait even if it’s a spontaneous shot from across the room.

I am originally from Italy and before settling down in Western Massachusetts with my family, we lived in London. It was in London where I started in photography, working in fashion and portraiture. Because I have traveled and moved all over the world, I know and care about people. Got a difficult relative who doesn’t want to be photographed? I know how to break the ice with them. Older relatives who need more attention? Not a problem, I’ve got seven older Sicilian uncles  – older people kind of love me. Trouble wrangling your kids for a portrait? Not an issue, I’ve got three kids and an overgrown Wirehaired Griffon puppy. I know how to handle children (and puppies) and their spirit is what makes a family portrait sparkle.

When I picked up a camera over 10 years ago I was drawn to the visual language of photography. Now that I have a photography business I realize it’s the people I am privileged to work with which makes me love my job. Collaborating with a couple on their first family heirloom is always a wonderful and exciting experience. Commemorating a family in this season of their life is so rewarding and makes me realize how fast the world is spinning. Let’s slow it down and take some great images together.

"Stefano captured the life, the light and the laughter of our family trip in Vermont. The fifteen of us felt at ease and relaxed while he was shooting both candid and staged photos. Stefano is professional, sincere and talented and I would highly recommend him as a photographer for any special event."